Trekking Mountain

Morocco Mountains Trekking Tour for Women

Start Rabat
Finish Casablanca
Days 9
Theme Adventure
From $1295 USD
Group Min 4
Group Max 18

This Exclusively Morocco trekking tour for women 2020 will take you across the thickness of dense red cedar forests unique to the RIF and Atlas Mountains. We will camp in these Cathedrals of the nature of Morocco with an unsurpassed repertoire composed by life itself as the cedar forest gradually reveals the beauty of Morocco landscapes. Then, take progressive hiking along the canyons and gorges of Taza to higher plateaus where the isolation is absolute, the stars at your reach, and an environment favorable to enjoy a fresh ball of fresh air in every breath. We will visit Berber villages the Atlas Mountain natural sites, cedar forest, and Ber towns such as Sefrou, Azrou, Ifrane, Immouzer, the holy city of Ouazzane, and the one only Fez the heartbeat of Morocco. travel in a small group to explore hiking in Morocco, an expedition to treasure for a lifetime.

Berber day markets in Morocco are by themselves a discovery that has no equal, traditional festive music of Morocco is at your disposal wherever you go in this fascinating eco-tourism trip to Morocco. This Women's adventure tour to Morocco is designed for every lady who is fit to take a walk in a park and who loves nature. Our Morocco women tour is scheduled to depart in March, April, May, June, July, September, October, November, and a special discounted tour in December 2019. Green travelers, photography fans, nature explorers, Anthropologists, and ethnomusicologists enjoy their study fieldwork in this expedition to remote Morocco. College students group tours, family travel, nature enthusiasts love this tour. Join this 2020/2021 Morocco adventure tour for women by women. Your tour leader and local guides will also be women. Exclusive Morocco group tours 2021/2022. This itinerary could also be a Morocco Tailored tour 2019/2020. All our Morocco trekking tours in 2022 are discounted at 5% to meet your budget.

An Adventure as lovely as it gets

  • This women overland expedition in Morocco is exploring the natural and human reality of Morocco. You will explore the back roads and footpaths of Morocco Atlas Mountains and ancient cities to accomplish a unique women discovery trekking in this particular part of North Africa. This hiking expedition opens opportunities for active women travelers to immerse in the culture by visiting the rural area or places not accessible to most tour operators. Morocco Peaks and Valleys hiking tour offers you access, to best mountain passes and cliff-hanging villages, Berber villages, tribal markets, private homes, and nomads world under their tents.

  • Enjoy plenty of time to hike in the footpaths with a small group of women, practice your photography among the vivid blue and bright whitewashed houses of Chefchaouen and other northern villages and landscapes Morocco has to offer.

  • Explore with your women group of travelers a glorious medieval era still in full function today in the Medina of Fes. Enjoy walking cobbled stone small streets of the medina with best of local guides to show you the way while others are completely lost or visit the strict minimum. Meet Moroccan women behind closed doors to share a special chat reserved in their homes.

  • Walk and hike the footpaths like Berber shepherd does in the Atlas Mountains and enjoy breathtaking landscapes in the cathedral of nature. Stop at hot springs spa, or medieval Moorish hammam or simply sip mint tea from a rooftop of the Medina of Fez like a Moroccan. Feast on a country Couscous as it could be cooked right in before your eyes.

A year around tour roaster works for you?

  • We are a responsible travel active tour operator respectful of all norms of eco-tourism in Morocco. So the environment and culture are our priority to protect. Our women tours are green travel-friendly and considerate of Morocco’s customs, traditions, religion and culture

  • All members of our women tours we provide are offered a travel tips kit on what to wear and what to expect so they can enjoy every moment on this ladies tours. There are some steep steps up to walk to the old city of Ouazzane and Chefchaouen on Day 2, but your guide will take the easiest alleys to visit these two cities completely nestled on hilltops of the Atlas Mountains. If you need assistance to walk up we can hire a mule for you so you will not miss this experience in your tour.

  • This exclusively women adventure and cultural tour are running even in Ramadan which will take place from 4 May to 5 June, 2019. This is a special time to explore Morocco with a different perspective unique to this Sacred month for Muslims around the world. The Ambiance is unique especially for a group of women traveling in Morocco. The schedule might be a little different, mornings are a bit slow but everything is open for you to visit adding night activities special for this month. Markets and streets entertainments could not be better. Pubs are the only places that close for Ramadan, however, bars in hotels serve drinks to non-Muslims.

  • Best cost and best services guaranteed compare with all other tour planners in Morocco. All hand-picked, top notch guides to give the best Morocco trekking experience for women.


Pricing & Availability

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Sat 8 May 2021 Mon 17 May 2021 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 22 May 2021 Mon 31 May 2021 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 5 Jun 2021 Mon 14 Jun 2021 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 19 Jun 2021 Mon 28 Jun 2021 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 3 Jul 2021 Mon 12 Jul 2021 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 17 Jul 2021 Mon 26 Jul 2021 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 31 Jul 2021 Mon 9 Aug 2021 Available $1295 INQUIRY
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Sat 1 Jan 2022 Mon 10 Jan 2022 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 15 Jan 2022 Mon 24 Jan 2022 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 29 Jan 2022 Mon 7 Feb 2022 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 12 Feb 2022 Mon 21 Feb 2022 Available $1295 INQUIRY
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Sat 26 Mar 2022 Mon 4 Apr 2022 Available $1295 INQUIRY
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Sat 23 Apr 2022 Mon 2 May 2022 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 7 May 2022 Mon 16 May 2022 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 21 May 2022 Mon 30 May 2022 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 4 Jun 2022 Mon 13 Jun 2022 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 18 Jun 2022 Mon 27 Jun 2022 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 2 Jul 2022 Mon 11 Jul 2022 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 16 Jul 2022 Mon 25 Jul 2022 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 30 Jul 2022 Mon 8 Aug 2022 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 13 Aug 2022 Mon 22 Aug 2022 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 27 Aug 2022 Mon 5 Sep 2022 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 10 Sep 2022 Mon 19 Sep 2022 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 24 Sep 2022 Mon 3 Oct 2022 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 8 Oct 2022 Mon 17 Oct 2022 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 22 Oct 2022 Mon 31 Oct 2022 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 5 Nov 2022 Mon 14 Nov 2022 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 19 Nov 2022 Mon 28 Nov 2022 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 3 Dec 2022 Mon 12 Dec 2022 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 17 Dec 2022 Mon 26 Dec 2022 Available $1295 INQUIRY
Sat 31 Dec 2022 Mon 9 Jan 2023 Available $1295 INQUIRY


Upon your arrival at Casablanca airport, you will be greeted by your Lady tour leader who will take on your first journey along the Atlantic shore to the magnificent city of Rabat. Your guide will immerse you in the history of Morocco. This scenic drive of about 45 miles passes through lush farmland and nurseries growing a variety of flowers and exotic plants. After your check-in and relaxing in the morning, you may choose to do the half-day city tour of Rabat.

Rabat is laid out in a spaciously elegant European grid style. Slightly self-conscious of its modernity, Rabat and its twin city, Sala Colonia, are separated by only a river but historically they are worlds apart with an ancient legacy spanning hundreds of generations. Each civilization that has inhabited both of the cities has left its mark resulting in a wide variety of architectural styles including those from the Phoenician and Roman eras. Your lady guide will also brief you about women development and lifestyle in Morocco

The city tour, historical and lively, will start at the Jewish quarter in the Mellah. In the Heart of the city at Place Sidi Makhlouf the 12th-century ramparts are best seen. Next, you will go up to Bab Chellah and visit the medina across from Sidi Fateh Street. This will lead you to the traditional Souk Laghzel (Yarn market). Your guide will introduce you to the importance of the textile guild and its role in Moroccan society. Later you will cross to the citadel of the Oudaya Kasbah entering from its 12th-century main gate to explore an extraordinary Medieval Moorish marvel overlooking the delta of the Bouregreg River. You will have the opportunity to visit the Moorish old-fashioned gardens, a traditional coffee house to enjoy the best traditional cookies Moroccan ladies fashion in their homes for special occasions.

Your group of women will continue your quest exiting the Oudaya Kasbah and proceeding up the hill to visit the Hassan Tower and see samples of the real Moroccan architecture at its best at Mohamed the V Mausoleum. From here we will drive through the boulevards and Gardens of Rabat visiting the Saint Pierre Cathedral, the Parliament, the Sunna Mosque, and the Royal Palace through the magnificent Ramparts and by the tower standing proud and glorious to reach the Necropolis of Chellah. (hotel accommodation)

Start your day traveling with your women small group tour in Morocco traveling north to Chefchaouen, the jewel of the Rif Mountains and one of best blue cities in the Mediterranean Bassin. Travel to Ourzagh in the Jbala mountains to reach the holy city of Ouazzane. After been only a lost village called Dchera Jbal Erihan (the village on the mountain of Myrtles), the distinguished Idrissid Sherif Moulay Abdullah Ben Brahim made out of it a center of Sufism and a place for the Taibia Sufi order. Visit the historic sites with your local guide and proceed to discover Chefchaouen, one of the old Moorish white towns. Your riad is owned by a woman who will greet you with a traditional mint tea and cookies of her own making.

Travel from Chefchaouen on your exclusively women trekking tour across the beautiful road is the sprawling farming settlement from the Roman time of Fez el Bali. Then, experience the unique Berber and Moorish lifestyles are seen in the Amergou Mountains. This route will be lined by picturesque villages with majestic evergreens forests providing a natural backdrop. Start your afternoon by an excursion to hike in the Tamesnit, in the heart of the Rif Mountains, the Belvedere of Lalla Outka and the isolated shrine of Moulay Bouchta El Khammar (master of music). The shrine is also a pilgrimage destination for Berber musicians who come to pay their respect and seek blessings. The night will be hosted by a Berber family of mountaineers who will share with us their best natural cooking for a festive tribal dinner with our women guests tour in Morocco. Enjoy an encounter with Moroccan women in their homes. (Camping night).

Have a wonderful homemade breakfast prepared for you by the women household. Afterward, we will gather for a travel day debriefing our women group travel day, bid goodbye to host Berber ladies and take off to Taza. Drive to Taza in the morning, an ancient city that stands as the gateway of the Middle Atlas. We will cross the Rif Massif surrounded by the pine, acacia, and cedar trees, as far as the eye can see. Monkeys can also be seen, along with thousands of bird species. Enjoy mild hiking in the Jebala Mountains as a group of women. We will also visit a day market in a village to explore women trading in these traditional souks. Most of the crafts in this area are made by women. Dinner and overnight will be in the hotel.

We will meet in the morning for breakfast and travel debriefing. Our women group will be introduced to the local guide who will take you in the morning on a historic visit of Old Taza, then take you on a hiking afternoon to the Friouato Mountains visiting also the taverns of Friouato. Our group of women travelers will enjoy the breathtaking sceneries and exquisite Berber villages that fill up the vistas of these areas unknown to mass tourists. Your exclusively women expedition is absolutely in unchartered tourist areas. You will be pioneers of these ecotourism programs in Morocco sustaining these rural communities in remote areas of Morocco. This is as exclusive as it gets especially for women explorers. Dinner and overnight are in the hotel.

After breakfast, our Women expedition will proceed to explore one of the steepest mountain terrains starting at Tazekka National Park with its cliff-hanging villages and neolithic farmed terraces unique to this region. We will stop at The Chikar Caves to explore the natural sites and have an idea about the geological formation of this massif mountains. At the village of Bab Boudir, we will cross Mount Ahmar dense cedar and cork pine forests. Stop for a picnic lunch in a natural setting at the pass of Bab Arba overlooking the valley of Maghraoua. Your women group trekking afternoon will take you to the Berber village of Ribat el Kheir, then Bir Tamtam then continues to the Gorges of Sidi Harazem thermal springs near Fez. A festive dinner will be prepared for us to enjoy a comfortable night in a Beni Sadden Compound with Berbers.

After breakfast in our Berber Guesthouse, we will travel to Fez to meet our Lady local guide who will introduce the magic of Fez to our group of women travelers. At only ten miles distance we will discover the ancient walled Medina of Fez. Our lady guide will meet us at the Gate of Bab Ftouh who will take you on a historic and walking tour of the Old Fez. The full-day will be devoted to exploring the marvels of the medina, its monuments, mosques, fountains, Koranic Schools, open guilds of crafts markets. Most importantly the potency of skillful women guilds of Fez especially in weavings, silk embroidery, and rugs. In the afternoon we will do the outskirts of its ramparts visit the traditional potters then retreat to our Berber compound for a festive night with Kansara drummers and Ahaidous rural dancing of the Beni Sadden Berber tribes. A Country Couscous is prepared especially for our women group visit, then a tribal local group of musicians will animate your dinner with traditional Moroccan music and dance. Dance till you drop. (Guesthouse lodging)

After breakfast, we will ride our overland 4x4 Land Cruisers towards Mount Zerhoun leaving the Atlas Mountains behind and trekking up to the Rif Mountains Massifs. Mount Zerhoun will be our first stop at the holy city of Moulay Idris. This is historically the first Islamic town build in the 8th century still intact with its mountains refuge citadel to discover. Step back in time and walk the narrow stared streets of these mountains that are built totally on the steep slope of Mount Zarhoun. Your guide will take you on a walking tour of this ancient town. Be ready for a great hiking session in the city then when you are done at the top of the mountain we will take a Millenium footpath that would lead us down across ancient olive groves following in the Roman footsteps cartwheel path by the village of Fertassa overlooking the valley of Volubilis. Lunch will be in nature shaded under a biblical olive tree. Continue our trek down to the Volubilis Archeological Site where we will visit the Roman site of Volubilis. After lunch in a local riad, our women group tour will take off to Casablanca. Overnight will be in Casablanca. (hotel Accommodation)

We will transfer you to Casablanca Airport after breakfast, Bid you goodbye and expect you and your women friends to come back for another special women expedition in sunny Morocco.


  • Transportation in 4X4 vehicles
  • 9-night accommodation 3* hotels
  • Breakfast and dinner daily
  • Services of women local guides
  • Rabat: Hotel Chellah, 1 night
  • Chefchaouen: Hotel Asmaa, 1 night
  • Lalla Outka: Camping, 1 night
  • Taza: Hotel Fiouato, 2 nights
  • Beni Sadden: Guesthouse, 2 nights
  • Casablanca: Hotel Ibis, 1 night