Trekking Mountain Bouyblane

Morocco Mountains, steppes and Desert overland Tour

Start Oujda
Finish Casablanca
Days 16
Theme Adventure
From $2465 USD
Group Min 4
Group Max 16

If you are an explorer, a nature enthusiast, or an active seeker of adventure travel, then our Morocco Mountains and Desert overland tours and expeditions are for you. This Morocco overland adventure tour is designed to discover the beauty of the highest peaks of the Atlas Mountains at all levels with breathtaking landscapes naturally set for the active traveler and mountaineers. Join this Morocco adventure expedition to discovers the marvels of Morocco history, natural makeup, and eco-challenge. Steppes are reserved for natural pastoral nomadic life far away from Tourist attractions in Morocco. The reality of a lifestyle unknown to most adventure travel seekers is this Morocco overland tour with frequent departures scheduled for March, April, May, June, July, September, October, November, and a special Morocco discounted tour in December 2021 and 2022.

On any of our group scheduled Morocco overland expeditions 2021, which are genuine and authentic Morocco trekking tours with opportunities for you to grab and take life-lasting memories. This Morocco adventure tour, in particular, goes through treks and paths known only to native pastoral Berbers and Arab Bedouins tribes who live with total autonomy in this isolated part of Eastern Morocco. Absolutely not on the Radar of Morocco active tourism exploitation. Your Morocco trekking tour will take you to the most remote Sahara areas on this absolute Morocco overland expedition discovering sight, and off-the-road nomadic camps, small villages, and natural sites, oases, and valleys that would take your breath away. You will definitely feel the expansion and stillness of the magic of Morocco's rural landscapes that would make you shiver with joy as you will touch spontaneously the sublime beauty of the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert. The ultimate hiking and trekking Morocco experience you have longed for is now at the tips of your fingers scheduled for small groups and private expeditions for 2021 and 2022. Join us in the spirit to explore the beauty of Morocco hiking treks and trails seldom traveled by other hikers and overland travelers. Do not forget your camera and notebook to document an overland Morocco active journey of a lifetime. Unique Memories and experiences are what we live for on our beautiful planet of which Morocco takes a great part of natural beauty. An active overland tour to Morocco designed for nature enthusiasts and adventuresome explorers. A sixteen days discovery tour exploring all aspects of Morocco. Check our small-group scheduled departures for 2021 and 2022 or call on us to personalize a private Morocco adventure tour just for you.

An Adventure as lovely as it gets

  • Your adventure tour will take on experience beyond the scope of just active travel. Enjoy nights under African skies, explore natural sites, hike trails out of reach to so many other overland trekkers. have a dinner in a simple farmers compound. Enjoy baked fresh bread and tasty dishes like a Moroccan. Experience the true and genuine Moroccan hospitality.

  • Encounter in this expedition, towns and villages out of this world in most authentic and natural setting where you will feel certain that nothing is made for tourists but everything is set for rare explorers. the walled medina of Fez (Gathering place) a rich book of historical and architectural remnants from the Phoenician era to modern Art Deco. Walk in most impressive and authentic old city in the world. Fez is unique. The vicinity of fez by the Atlas Mountains and Berber villages are a world of marvels yet to be discovered. This surely an overland tour, unlike the others.

  • This adventure tour of Hiking and trekking in Morocco Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert is designed for travelers who like to rough it up a little. This tour opens opportunities for active travelers to immerse themselves in the culture by visiting rural areas or places not accessible to mass tourists. Natural Landscapes, tribal markets, private homes, and nomad camps are all in your reach. This adventure tour is better than any National Geographic Expeditions.

A year around tour roaster works for you?

  • This adventure trip is an Active overland expedition. So we run it at best months of the year to enjoy the outdoor activities in good weather also timing with tribal festivities and pastoral markets to really explore the nomadic life of the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert.

  • Feel free to use bottled water and canned food. Always dispose of litter thoughtfully, including cigarette butts. Help us protect these natural places in the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert.

  • In your adventure tour, while you visit village homes or nomadic tents, please refrain from giving sweets, gifts or money to locals especially Children. Best to offer are school supplies.

  • Best cost and best services guaranteed compare with all other tour planners in Morocco. All hand-picked, top notch guides to give the best Morocco Sahara and Atlas Mountains trekking overland tour.


Pricing & Availability

Departing Finishing Seats Total in USD
Fri 28 May 2021 Sun 13 Jun 2021 Available $1900 INQUIRY
Mon 28 Jun 2021 Wed 14 Jul 2021 Available $1900 INQUIRY
Wed 28 Jul 2021 Fri 13 Aug 2021 Available $1900 INQUIRY
Sat 28 Aug 2021 Mon 13 Sep 2021 Available $1900 INQUIRY
Sat 11 Sep 2021 Mon 27 Sep 2021 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 25 Sep 2021 Mon 11 Oct 2021 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Tue 28 Sep 2021 Thu 14 Oct 2021 Available $1900 INQUIRY
Sat 9 Oct 2021 Mon 25 Oct 2021 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 23 Oct 2021 Mon 8 Nov 2021 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Thu 28 Oct 2021 Sat 13 Nov 2021 Available $1900 INQUIRY
Sat 6 Nov 2021 Mon 22 Nov 2021 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 20 Nov 2021 Mon 6 Dec 2021 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sun 28 Nov 2021 Tue 14 Dec 2021 Available $1900 INQUIRY
Sat 4 Dec 2021 Mon 20 Dec 2021 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 18 Dec 2021 Mon 3 Jan 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Tue 28 Dec 2021 Thu 13 Jan 2022 Available $1900 INQUIRY
Sat 1 Jan 2022 Mon 17 Jan 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 15 Jan 2022 Mon 31 Jan 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 29 Jan 2022 Mon 14 Feb 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 12 Feb 2022 Mon 28 Feb 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 26 Feb 2022 Mon 14 Mar 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 12 Mar 2022 Mon 28 Mar 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 26 Mar 2022 Mon 11 Apr 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 9 Apr 2022 Mon 25 Apr 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 23 Apr 2022 Mon 9 May 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 7 May 2022 Mon 23 May 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 21 May 2022 Mon 6 Jun 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 4 Jun 2022 Mon 20 Jun 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 18 Jun 2022 Mon 4 Jul 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 2 Jul 2022 Mon 18 Jul 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 16 Jul 2022 Mon 1 Aug 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 30 Jul 2022 Mon 15 Aug 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 13 Aug 2022 Mon 29 Aug 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 27 Aug 2022 Mon 12 Sep 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 10 Sep 2022 Mon 26 Sep 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 24 Sep 2022 Mon 10 Oct 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 8 Oct 2022 Mon 24 Oct 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 22 Oct 2022 Mon 7 Nov 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 5 Nov 2022 Mon 21 Nov 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 19 Nov 2022 Mon 5 Dec 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 3 Dec 2022 Mon 19 Dec 2022 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 17 Dec 2022 Mon 2 Jan 2023 Available $2485 INQUIRY
Sat 31 Dec 2022 Mon 16 Jan 2023 Available $2485 INQUIRY


This adventure overland tour starts in the city of Oujda. Once you arrive at Oujda Airport, you will meet with our tour manager who will greet you and introduce you to your group of travelers. A briefing of your hiking tour will be your hotel to start your trip. Your guide will take on an introductory tour of the old city of Oujda visiting Bab El Ouahab, Saint Louis Cathedral, The Great Mosque, and the click Tower. Dinner and accommodation will be at your Hotel.

Today you will take off to explore one of most remote areas undocumented even by Lonely Planet which is an authority on trekking areas in Morocco. Your overland expedition will take off in 4x4 caravan vehicles from Oujda across the massif of Jebel Metsila passing by the typical Berber village of Guenfouda to Jbel Bou Keltoum reaching its highest Pass of Jerada. Your trek keeps going down to the lush steppes of Marija where we will stop for lunch after visiting the Rass el Ain springs and the Cascades of Benimathar. The afternoon will be devoted to the natural cross of our first aspect of the stony desert where life exists only for nomads who can cope with vastness, isolation, and remoteness of this aspect of life in the desert. We will stop at Borj of Trarite Rhars Allah (Fort of Gods Plantation) indeed a place lives up to its name. Locals will host us for a typical mint Tea then we will proceed to Tendrara for a brief stop and continue on to Bouarfa where we will set camp for two nights. Dinner will be in Bouarfa town.

After breakfast, we will travel to the ceremonial road trekking to Figuig Oasis right on the Morocco Algerian Borderline. This is one of a less-visited oasis in Morocco as it is absolutely out of tourist Radar. By far it’s the most beautiful valley of palm groves where you can capture authentic Saharan life in a bottle. We will leave our vehicles over the hill of Figuig and hike down the footpaths to mingle and roam around the oasis of Zenaga, Merires Village and old adobe town of Figuig, Adobe hamlets punctuate the dense green of extensive Palm Groves. Lunch will be in a typical Kasbah hosted by a local family to give you a taste of local staples unique to this region and to have an opportunity to experience life inside an oasis walking the foot-trails and alleys of these Saharan hamlets. In the late afternoon, we will hit the road hiking back to our camp in Bouarfa.

After breakfast, we will continue on our trek to Boudnib then to the lush oasis of Meski. Set camp and enjoy a festive lunch. In the afternoon we will visit the valley of Ziz palm grove and the canyons of El Kenz, then take a mild hiking on the trails leading to the Ksar Jdid Ait Amira, leave the vehicles and walk around the oasis, hike around Zaouia Jdida and Douirat oasis, stop for tea at a local home Kasbah at Burj Yardi where your Land Rovers will be waiting for you to take back to enjoy an evening at Meski Oasis. Dinner will be at Camp.

An early wake up will be at dawn to go directly to hiking over the dunes of Merzouga for a sunrise experience in the Sahara desert. Ride camels back to Kasbah Leila where a well-garnished breakfast will be ready for you. Then take off in your land cruisers trekking to Rissani for a historical visit of this holy city and a center of sub-Saharan caravan traders. A local guide will be with you to elaborate on the history and life of the desert culture of Bedouins and Tuaregs tribes. Lunch will be in Rissani Kasbah then return trekking back in our 4X4 vehicles to Meski with a stop to visit Erfoud city souks. Dinner and local Saharan Music will be at Miloud’s house at Meski Ksar. Walk back to camp for a good night's sleep.

Travel in the morning after breakfast to Tinghir where your local mountain guide will take you a historic tour first of old adobe villages and sun-baked bricks Castles of the Valley of Todra then later on an adventure hiking through the valley of Todra. Explore the ancient life of this valley and the history of Judaism among the Berber tribes of Ait Atta in this valley. Lunch will be at the straight of Todra Canyons. Time will be devoted to mild hiking around the Todra Mountains in the afternoon then return to Tinghir for dinner and overnight at Kasbah Lamrani.

Travel in the morning to Zagora exploring the marvels of the Anti-Atlas mountains passing by Jbel Saghro one of the starkest desert mountains with a unique rock formation. Trekking arid desert villages and Berber wards at high elevation will lead to the lush Draa Valley. The largest Palm Groves on earth. It serpent the Draa River for over 250 km. Explore travel from the arid the beauty of the Draa valley oases and Kasbahs, stop in Agdez and other sun-baked mud hamlets of small villages among this largest belt of continuous oases in the world. Dinner and lodging at Tinsouline Hotel.

A very interesting full day's hiking excursion to the real gateway of the Moroccan Saharan Desert. We will drive through the lowlands and then along the mountain passes to Tamegroute. There, we will stop to visit the famous Moorish Koranic Library, with rare books and documents, some are written on gazelle hide from the 13th century. Venture in the Sandy Terrain along the Draa valley all the way to the dunes of M’Hamid El Ghizlanes in the heart of the Sahara. Camp near the Iriki Lake will be set over the surrounding dunes to enjoy a night under the African skies. Dinner and accommodation will be in the cathedral of nature.

Today we will explore the trails trekking between the Sahara and the Atlas mountains across some of the most remote and breathtaking landscapes unique to this part of an immense plateau to reach the Oasis of Foum Zguid where the horizons stretch the imagination to a feeling of vastness and isolation of the Sahara desert. After lunch, we will reach the paved road in direction to Tata oasis where we will enjoy a night in a typical Kasbah raised from the ground to challenge the tall palm trees. Our adventure today will be in the heart of the Sahara desert in all aspects.

After breakfast, we will continue on our adventure discovering Bedouin Caravan Trails west to Guelmime, an ancient trade outpost, namely the exotic oases of Guelimime. Caravans still gather in this oasis fair once a year to buy, sell and barter from major sub-Saharan countries of the Sahel and West Africa. Sometimes even from East Africa, a journey that takes months to sail the vast desert of the Sahara riding camels. Guelmime is, in fact, a hustling bustling Souk at the edge of the desert connecting North Africa to sub-Saharan countries of the Sahel. You are in a center of trade and goods from black Africa are found in abundance to exchange for Moorish artifacts. An international trade fair unique with its authenticity of Saharan Nomadic and Bedouin identity.

Travel in the morning from the best oasis of Goulimine to the Jewel of southwestern Morocco, the magnificent Tiznit. Named after a woman who has marked the Moroccan myths, the “Seductive”, Tiznit still lives up to the reputation of its founder. Here is where you will find the best and most skillful silversmith working on the best Berber jewelry for every tribe in Morocco. Lunch on the road in some of the best eateries this well-cultured Berber region of Souss has to offer in its varied staples of Berber tagines cooked as in earthen pots in the same way ancient ancestors did.

Proceed on our adventure in the back roads from the stark desert to the lush plateaus of Ait Baha in the High Atlas Mountains where this ancient village is nestled among groves of almond groves. The afternoon will be devoted to hiking in the natural sites and exploring Neolithic rock carvings this region is so known for. A natural library scattered all over these slopes with a rich collection of archives of mankind ancient history. Dinner and Lodging are at hotel Les Amadiers.

We will travel across great Berber villages known for their distinguished beauty as cliff-hanging hamlets, especially along the trails of Ait Baha overlooking a valley with the unique rock formation. We will stop for lunch at the exotic Tiout Oasis. Reach the walled medieval city of Taroudant at the gate of the rich valley of Souss. Dinner and accommodation at a dignitary dwelling converted in our days to an atmospheric and intimate guesthouse Riad Ennakhil. Explore with your local guide the city surrounded by regal, red-ochre walls, often referred to as “Little Marrakech”. With its authenticity and conservative Berber style, today Taroudant surpasses the charm and beauty of Marrakech in the eyes of many discoverers, an afternoon to enjoy the colorful pallets of a typical Moroccan city. Dinner will be in the Riad.

Proceed on your adventure quest to Imlil via Asni and Tizi n’Test pass at an elevation of 11,000 ft. in an impressive site dividing these mountains in two distinct aspects. One side acts as a shield to protect the hinterland from the Sahara harsh and dry expansion, the other side collects the moisture of the Gherbi winds from the Atlantic ocean, soft and evergreen. Such is the life of the Berber dwellers, a day of mountain trekking through the high peaks of the Atlas Mountains and deep valleys. This is an adventure experience to treasure for a lifetime. Overnight and dinner will be at a guesthouse.

The morning will be devoted to trekking in the Toubkal plateau. After lunch, we will proceed to Marrakech to visit cliff-hanging villages and wards like Asni and Tahnaout. Arrival in Marrakech the "Morocco City" as the early travelers called it for it has always been something of a pleasant city, a marketplace where the southern tribesmen and Berber villagers bring in their goods, spend their money, and find entertainment. For tourists, it's an enduring fantasy - a city of immense beauty, low, pink, and tent-like before a great shaft of mountains, and immediately exciting. Visit the famous Jemaa El Fna square. Dinner will be in a typical Marrakesh restaurant, Overnight at the hotel.

Your local guide will take on a walking tour of Marrakech. Morning devoted to walking discovering the historical sites, visiting at the Menara irrigation pools, Bab Agnaw Gate, the Saadian Tombs, the Bahia Palace, the Badia Palace. Explore the vibrant souks of Marrakech in the afternoon. Dinner Fantasia will be reserved for you at a typical festivity of neighboring tribal dances at Sheherazade Restaurant. Overnight will be at the Hotel.

Morning Departure to Mohamed V Airport to connect to your flight back home. We hope you have enjoyed every moment of this enticing overland tour with your small intimate group. The possibility of extending this tour is available. Please consult with our office in Morocco for an extension to Essaouira, Rabat or Fez.


  • • 15-night accommodation 3* hotels
  • • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily
  • • Transportation in 4X4 vehicles
  • • Camels Over the Dunes of Merzouga
  • • Services of local guides
  • • Expert Tour leader throughout
  • • Fees to monuments and museums
  • • Hotel tax and service charges
  • Oujda: Hotel Solazure or similar, 1 night
  • Bouarfa: Hotel Jouhara or similar, 2 nights
  • Meski: Desert Camp, 2 nights
  • Tinghir: Kasbah Lamrani or similar, 1 night
  • Zagora: Hotel Tinsouline or similar, 2 nights
  • Tata: Auberge Tata or similar, 1 night
  • Guelmim: Hotel Guelmim or similar, 1 night
  • Tafraout: Hotel Les Amandiers or similar, 1 night
  • Taroudant: Hotel Salam or similar, 1 night
  • Imilil: Kasbah Imilil or similar, 1 night
  • Marrakech: Hotel Reda or similar, 2 nights