Day trip to Ifrane

Day Trip to Ifrane and Azrou

Start Fez
Finish Fez
Days 1
Theme Hiking & Trekking
From $145 USD
Group Min 4
Group Max 16

Morocco Tours and Discoveries offers this hiking day trip to Ifrane and Azrou in the Atlas Mountains south of Fez almost at cost to help promote this dense cedar forest area unknown to most hikers who come to Morocco. This Berber pastoral land is worth all efforts to be introduced to the world of nature and mountain enthusiasts from around the globe. Come and discover with us on this hiking tour to Ifrane, and Azrou trails that have been traveled since the dawn of time only by nomads and caravan traders. Enjoy on this hiking tour breathtaking landscapes unique to the Atlas Mountains evergreen ranges with unique Fauna and Flora. Help us improve the eco-system of these cedar forests and improve the lives of the surrounding Berber Tribes. We want you to be the first to explore this forgotten area by sustaining tourism in the remote Atlas Mountains North of Morocco. Explore the reality of nature and that of the unique Berber dwellers of these mountains hiking and trekking the slopes of Ifrane and Azrou national Park whether you travel on our scheduled small group departures or a private trip we can customize for you as a private journey. We offer sustainable tours in Morocco and especially from the city of Fez hiking and trekking unexplored trails. Come and join us for Ifran and Azrou hiking tour activities you will treasure for a lifetime. Explore new horizon with our hiking discoveries from Fez small group tours to the Atlas Mountains.

An Adventure as lovely as it gets

  • This short active day excursion from Fez Hiking and trekking in the Atlas Mountains is designed for travelers who like to rough it up a little. This tour opens opportunities for active travelers to immerse in the culture by visiting the rural areas and places not accessible to mass tourists. On this short expedition, natural landscapes, tribal markets, private homes, and nomad camps are all in your reach. This adventure short tour from Fes is the best way to explore the beauty of the Atlas Mountains near Fez. A day trip expedition to reach breathtaking natural landscapes yet to be discovered.

  • Your Morocco adventure short vacation from Fez will take on experience beyond the scope of just active travel. Enjoy nights under African skies on the peaks of the Atlas Mountains, explore Berber natural sites, hike Mountain trails out of reach to so many other overland trekkers. have a festive Moroccan lunch in a heavenly natural setting between Cedar trees and entertaining monkeys jumping all over the place expressing a special welcome in their natural habitat. Enjoy baked fresh bread and tasty dishes like a Moroccan. Experience the true and genuine Moroccan hospitality like an explorer.

  • Encounter in this one-day short expedition from Fez, towns and villages out of this world in most authentic and natural setting where you will feel certain that nothing is made for tourists but everything is set for rare explorers and responsible travelers who would care about leaving nature as it is and enrich themselves with unique encounters. The Suisse-like town of Ifrane, the souks and troglodytes of Azrou are wonderful historical and architectural discoveries from antiquity to modern Art Deco. Take a hiking expedition from the most impressive and authentic mountains in the world. The Atlas Mountains are unique. The vicinity of fez by the Athe evergreen peaks and Berber villages are a world of marvels yet to be discovered. This surely is an overland tour, unlike the others. Come and share with us the beauty of Morocco nature and culture.

A year around tour roaster works for you?

  • ON any of our short expeditions from Fez, feel free to use bottled water and canned food. Always dispose of litter thoughtfully, including cigarette butts. Help us protect these natural places in the Atlas Mountains and old Berber villages around Fez by being also a responsible hiker who cares about the environmental preservation of these unique hiking trails around Fez.

  • Our adventure short trip from Fez is an Active overland expedition. So we run it at best months of the year to enjoy the outdoor activities in good weather also timing with tribal festivities and pastoral markets to really explore the nomadic life of the Atlas Mountains and Berber Villages around Fez. Enjoy your day trip from Fez exploring Ifrane, Azrou and natural landscapes unique to these mountains.

  • Best cost and best services guaranteed compare with all other tour planners in Morocco. Top notch guides to give the best day trip experience to the Atlas Mountains.


Pricing & Availability

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Sun 31 Jan 2021 Mon 1 Feb 2021 Available $145 INQUIRY


Meet with your guide in the morning then take off to explore the Middle Atlas Mountains. You will start climbing these mountains as soon as you leave the city limits of Fez. You may think you are exploring the Alps as the landscapes will drastically change before you reach the village of Imouzzer Kandar. Ifrane is absolutely incomparable to anything else in Morocco. With its European grid, Ifrane will make you feel that you are in Switzerland with its authentic Alps architecture. Stop for refreshments, a little strop in Ifrane main street then proceed with your guide to the Azrou. Azrou is a typical mountain Berber city in a crossroad between three major tribes namely the Zemmour, Beni Warayine, and Beni M'Gild. it is a center of trade and crafts. its souk is rich with all sorts of local produce and handicrafts. You will visit Azrou and enjoy a Berber Tagine lunch in a natural setting cedar forest. The afternoon will be devoted to mild trekking to reach the sanctuary of Ifenourine lake, a haven for nature lovers and birdwatchers. Return back to Fez in the evening. Drop f in your hotel.


  • Transportation in 4X4 vehicles or Minivan
  • Services of local mountain guides
  • Festive lunch near Azrou
  • All taxes and fees for this tour
  • a bottle of mineral water per person