Chefchaouen Short Trip

2 Days Short Trip to Morocco

Start Tangier
Finish Tangier
Days 2
Theme Walking Tours
From $325 USD
Group Min 4
Group Max 26

This two days adventure Morocco tour from Tangier to Fez will offer you the best historical introduction for a first time visitor. Our Morocco short tours will give you an opportunity to discover the early history of Morocco visiting Tangier, Fez Old City and the picturesque blue city of Chefchaouen. Discover with your hiking guide the North of Morocco Mountains trekking, ancient history in Moulay Idriss, and of course, the enticing city of Fez. On the last day going back to Tangier, you will visit the blue city of Chefchaouen nestled in the Peaks of the Atlas Mountains, a mountain city that was isolated for centuries to become open to foreign visitors only in the turn of the century. Chefchaouen is a UNESCO World Heritage Site reminiscent of a glorious era of Moorish lifestyle of Islamic architecture, also an emblem of Mediterranean White villages. This 2 days tour in Morocco from Tangier to Fez is a great introduction to the ancient history, great Moorish architecture and vibrant medieval markets Morocco has to offer.

You will meet your tour manager at 9 am at Tangier Port who will take you on a 2 days journey to Fez along the scenic route, a ceremonial ride in the footsteps of an old biblical pathway. Travel with your small group hiking the Mountains of Zehoun at Moulay Idris exploring early Morocco history and human settlements. Enjoy your hike in millennium old olive groves. Discover hard agriculture that could date from a Neolithic time in the small lush plots of Moulay Idris outskirts. On the same day, you will reach the Jewel of Morocco in every conceivable way, the ancient city of Fez. This short trip to explore the marvels of Fez, Moulay Idris, and the picturesque Chefchaouen with their atmospheric markets and souks. Travel with small groups, always guaranteed departures. Enjoy your short vacation of 2 days exploring North Morocco tour designed for travelers with little time, best for your budget in 2019.

An Adventure as lovely as it gets

  • We open opportunities for travelers to immerse in the culture by visiting highly regarded sacred places like an overnight stay at the sanctuary of Moulay Idriss or hike Mount Zerhoun millennium old Olive groves, an area that was prohibited to non-Muslims until 2005. Experience a homestay with a charming local family in Fez; spontaneous opportunity can be created right on the spot when often you are invited for a mint tea ceremony or a cooking demonstration by the ladies of the house.

  • Discover on this short adventure vacation a glorious medieval era still alive today in the Medina of Fes. Enjoy walking cobbled stone small streets of the medina of Fes with best of local guides to show you the way and help you explore the marvels of this labyrinth.

  • Discover an old imperial city called Fez a collage of historical and architectural remnants from the 8th-century arrival of Islam and Arab settlers. Fez is the center of intellectual, spiritual and artistic of Morocco. Step back in time and enjoy a walk historical tour with your local exploring the marvels of Fez.

  • explore the footpaths of Mount Zerhoune like Berber shepherd does in the Atlas Mountains and enjoy breathtaking landscapes in the cathedral of nature. Stop at hot springs of Moulay Yacob or medieval Moorish hammam or simply sip mint tea from a rooftop Riad of the Medina of Fez like a Moroccan. Feast on a country Couscous as it could be cooked for you right in before your eyes.

A year around tour roaster works for you?

  • This small group tour is running even in Ramadan which will take place from 8 May to 7 June 2019. This is a special time to explore Morocco with a different perspective unique to this sacred month for Muslims around the world. The Ambiance is unique. The schedule might be a little different, mornings are a bit slow but everything is open for you to visit adding night activities special for this month. Markets and streets entertainments could not be better. Pubs are the only places that close for Ramadan, however, bars in hotels serve drinks to non-Muslims

  • On this short vacation in Morocco, while visiting Chefchaouen, there are some steep steps up to walk to the old city of Chefchaouen on Day 2, but your guide will take the easiest alleys to visit these two cities completely nestled on hilltops of the Atlas Mountains. If you need assistance to walk up we can hire a mule for you so you will not miss this experience in your tour.

  • Best cost and best services guaranteed compare with all other tour planners in Morocco. All hand-picked, top notch guides to give the best Morocco experience.


Pricing & Availability

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Wed 26 Aug 2020 Fri 28 Aug 2020 Available $345 INQUIRY
Mon 7 Sep 2020 Wed 9 Sep 2020 Available $345 INQUIRY
Fri 11 Sep 2020 Sun 13 Sep 2020 Available $345 INQUIRY


Upon your arrival at Tangier Port, you will meet your guide to begin your 2 days journey to Fez, stopping along the way at various noteworthy places. Jumping forward in time and just a few minutes away is the venerated citadel of Moulay Idris, founded in the 8th century by Moulay Idriss Al Akbar, grandson of the Prophet Mohamed (s.a.w.s). This citadel is considered to be both the cradle of Sufism to Moroccan society as well as the first Islamic capital for the premier Arab dynasty. The city was created primarily for the indigenous population that migrated with Moulay Idris from the Middle East.

Finally, you have reached your destination, the ninth century city of Fez. In the evening, you will get a taste of the greatest of the Imperial Cities. You will visit with your guide the sights on the outside of the ancient walled city, including the ramparts, the gates, and the Borjs (Moorish Forts). Walk to the Medina to explore the Andalusia part of it. Undeniably fascinating, Fez stimulates the senses with its haunting yet beautiful sounds, visual splendor, and evocative smells. The most ancient of imperial capitals and the complete medieval city of the Islamic world, Fez is reminiscent of a city suspended in time, unfazed by the constantly evolving world outsides its walls, owing nothing to the Western world save electricity. Time spent in Fez will reveal much about the sophistication of the Moroccan artisan, providing an unparalleled learning experience to those who cross its path. Your full day will be spent visiting the Medina and its souks and Bazaars. Although it is a short trip of 2 days only, it is full of discoveries.

After breakfast you will transfer to Chefchaouen in the morning for a monumental visit featuring the historic sites of this blue city and its vibrant souks. After lunch in the central lively square you will proceed to Tangier port to catch your ferry back home. End of your short trip to Morocco of 2 days. We hope you have enjoyed your short trip to Morocco. See you for a long journey in sunny Morocco


  • 1-night accommodation 3* hotel
  • Breakfast, and dinner daily
  • Transportation in 4X4 vehicles
  • Services of local guides
  • Fee to Monuments and Museums
  • Fez: Hotel L'Escale or similar, 1 night