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Morocco tours and activities 2020-2021

Morocco is a vast country from the Mediterranean sea to the depth of the Sahara desert endowed with a diversity of enticing landscapes. Outdoor tours and activities are not limited to a trendy hotspot highlighted perhaps in Imlil and Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains. It is indeed a superb terrain for hiking and trekking the slopes of breathtaking vistas and Berber cliff-hanging villages all throughout this destination where natural activities and expeditions can be diverse and in abundance. Noticeably, the Atlas ranges alone stretch for more than 950 miles with altitudes that vary from 6000 feet to over 14000 feet high, crossing Morocco from East to west, from the border of Algeria to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlas Mountains offer diverse vistas from the evergreen thick forests to the most craggy stark mountains that shield Morocco from the Sahara desert heat and sand storms. The Atlas Mountains with its peaks and valleys are home to over 54 major transhuman and nomadic Berber tribes that add to the natural discoveries, great cultural encounters you will treasure for a lifetime on any of our hand-picked adventure group or private Tours we have scheduled for 2020/2021. Morocco in fact is a haven for the active traveler and enthusiast world trotter.

Numerous Morocco active travel promoters and tour operators miss big time on a great area of Atlas Mountains especially its Eastern National Parks like Tazekka and Talassemtane, and Azilal offering great peaks, dense cedar forests and valleys flowing streams, where, walking, hiking adventures tours can be for everyone at all levels of physical abilities. Toubkal hiking is not really the only option Morocco has. There in fact much more picturesque and interesting Mountains in Morocco to take your breath away. Trekking around Fez, Taza, Midelt and Bou Arfa is much more rewarding on all levels than for example hiking from Marrakech. Another area to enjoy your holidays and discover hiking trails is the Rif Mountains totally North of Morocco with an aspect of Mediterranean cultures and breathtaking natural vistas; Morocco horse riding tours, 4x4 overland expeditions, and cultural walking trips that would entice your senses. Not to forget, of course, Camel Trekking tours in the vast Sahara desert and its mystical green oases and golden dunes from a biblical beyond Merzouga and Erg Chebbi dunes, oases and valleys. Figuig is one of the best oasis at the border between Morocco and Algeria is a breathtaking palm grove that stretches for miles and miles, but it is less visited in Morocco by any tourists. Additional to all these exotic unique Morocco guided tours, there are plenty of incentives for adventure travelers exploring Mountain villages, ancient cities, palm groves oases, unique adobe architecture in the Sahara Desert, picturesque fishing ports, and superb natural landscapes, all off the beaten track. Morocco Tours and Expeditions offers packages year around for all interests and budgets. Trips to treasure forever with our responsible ecotourism approach at Morocco Discoveries Network, signature programs with no equal for 2020/2021.

If your dream has taken you to infatuate about a Morocco expedition staying in an eco-lodge in the Atlas Mountains peaks such as Tazekka and Talassemtane national parks, hiking Valleys, and walking in lush oases, reclining on sumptuous Berber rugs and cushions, sipping mint tea on a terrace of a Kasbah or outside a nomadic tent, enjoying holidays under a sunset or simply watching time pass by in a slow motion then Morocco Discoveries Network with its multitude and diverse sustainable tours to Morocco can make your dream come true. A reality of a Morocco small group tour of active trotters like yourself is available throughout 2020 and 2021. We have handpicked these Morocco adventure tours with activities at all levels from easy to strenuous to suit your time schedule and meet your budget.

Our Morocco adventure expeditions and tours for 2019 & 2020 are selected to be in the most remote area out of reach to mass tourists. Our sustainable Morocco adventure tours are scattered across the Kingdom in all its ten National Parks from deep in the Sahara desert to the edge of the Mediterranean cliffs. All our tours to Morocco are in fact designed to help to preserve the eco-system and help sustain the life of Berber small communities in remote areas. Do you wish to experience the life of a Berber village in the snow-capped Atlas Mountains or the steppes before the Sahara Desert then sign up for one of our overland trips trekking in Morocco with best guides. Are Native Moroccan guides intimately escorting small groups of travelers like yourself? Helping you explore the deep layers of Morocco culture and history? Yes, indeed, they are eager to give you the best Morocco experience and proud to be serving their communities. Meet our specialists who have worked diligently to reserve the best tour to Morocco for you. Every adventure tour we offer on this platform has a theme that could be of interest to you. Check out our special Adventure discounted Morocco tours and holidays 2020 and 2021

By spending your holidays in Morocco, you automatically become a significant contributor to the livelihood of local communities of remote villages in the Atlas Mountains and Sahara desert where most of our tours, activities and expeditions are offered. Travel green and help the environment to sustain the life we all need for our planet and its people to share your knowledge and also learn from others. Respectively, your contribution is already in effect just by been here with us in one of our active tours. Welcome to Morocco and we thank you for visiting with us in one of Morocco small group tours. Our sustainable tours to Morocco are so rewarding for both sides, the visitors and the visited. We at Morocco Tours & Discoveries work hard to clean up the natural areas we work in and make locals our principal partners. All our supply for all our Morocco tours and expeditions is locally made, not to forget that all our guides and tour managers are highly trained Moroccans who are eager to provide you with the best Morocco experience. Come and enjoy this authenticity and natural ways to explore the best of this enticing destination, a leader in ecotourism and renewable energy. We have selected top trails for your walking, hiking, and trekking in Morocco riding an overland truck, 4x4 Land Cruisers, horseback riding, camel trekking or simply walking biblical footpaths in the cathedral of nature. Come and enjoy exploring Morocco small group tours, we got plenty to share with you. We can also have any of our group tour of your choice tailored and customized for you to meet your interest and budget. Check out our Morocco discounted tours for 2020 and 2021

Active Tours to Morocco 2020 and 2021

hiking tours in Morocco

Atlas Mountains Hikin...

Morocco with its multi ranges from The crags of the Anti Atlas south to the high peaks of the Atl...

  • Hiking
  • 8 DAYS
Middle Atlas Cedars and Lakes Trek
Atlas Mountains Trekking

Morocco Horse riding ...

Introduction to your four-legged friend! - You are about to embark on a 4-day horse-riding adven...

  • Equestrian Tours
  • 7 DAYS
Morocco Horse riding trails
Garden tours in Morocco

Experience North Moro...

North of Morocco is till our days less traveled and less explored despite its unsurpassed natural...

  • Adventure
  • 9 DAYS
North Morocco Adventure
The Marrakech Express Tour

The Marrakech Express...

Follow the footprints of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young on the Marrakech Express, dance to the J...

  • Group Tour
  • 9 DAYS
Morocco Mountains

Morocco Mountains Tre...

This Exclusively Morocco trekking tour for women 2020 will take you across the thickness of dense...

  • Adventure
  • 9 DAYS
shopping tour in Marrakech

Morocco Shopping Tour...

Morocco millennial history and cultural diversity are what our shopping tours offer in 2019. We ...

  • Shopping
  • 7 DAYS
Morocco Shopping Tour Itinerary
walking tours in Morocco

Morocco Horse Riding,...

Morocco’s millennial history and exceptional cultural and natural diversity are what this welln...

  • Wellness
  • 7 DAYS
Morocco Hiking, Cooking And Spa Trip Itinerary

Morocco Mountains and...

The Atlas Mountains in Morocco are a playground to hiking enthusiasts, a year-round active destin...

  • Walking Tours
  • 10 DAYS
Morocco Peaks And Valleys Hiking Tour Itinerary
Morocco small group tour

Morocco small Group s...

Visiting Morocco is to encounter a fascinating journey that will forever change your travel persp...

  • Sightseeing
  • 11 DAYS
Morocco cities, Mountains and Sahara Tour
Trekking Mountain Bouyblane

Morocco Mountains, st...

If you are an explorer, a nature enthusiast or an active seeker of adventure travel, then this Mo...

  • Adventure
  • 16 DAYS
hiking and trekking toours in Morocco

Morocco Overland Grou...

If you are looking for to explore the reality of an ancient destination and a biblical culture ad...

  • Overland
  • 22 DAYS
Morocco Hinterland Expedition Itinerary
Sahara trekking tour

Morocco Historic Tour...

This Morocco small group Tour is a discovery to trace the footprints of Paul Bowles, a great trav...

  • Trekking
  • 11 DAYS

Morocco discounted tours 2020 & 2021

Trip Name Days From USD Deal Map

Atlas Mountains Hiking Tour

Fes - Fes
8 Days $785
USD $745
10% Middle Atlas Cedars and Lakes Trek View

Experience North Morocco Tour

Casablanca - Casablanca
9 Days $1275
USD $1211
10% North Morocco Adventure View

Morocco Shopping Tours

Casablanca - Casablanca
7 Days $1465
USD $1391
10% Morocco Shopping Tour Itinerary View

Morocco small Group sightseeing Tours 2020

Casablanca - Casablanca
11 Days $1885
USD $1790
10% Morocco cities, Mountains and Sahara Tour View


You do not need a visa to visit Morocco If you are a US, Australia, Canada or European Union, Great Britain Citizen.  A valid Passport is sufficient.  Your stay can be extended up to three months before your entry visa expires. Please read our Travel Registration for more information on adventure tours in Morocco.

Morocco is advanced in communication and internet connection.  You can have access to Wifi free in public spaces like Airports, Trains stations, coffee shops, hotels, and guesthouses. Even in remote areas like the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert when you are taking an adventure trip, access is mostly available. However, you can buy internet time by the hour from diverse providers like Meditel or Maroc Telecom in a USB device that you can plug to your device and connect to share your travel experience wherever you are independent. Contact our travel agents for more information on our Morocco treks, tours, and expeditions. Also, ask for our discounted Morocco trips

You can use your cell phone in Morocco using roaming or simply buy the chip from any phone service provider in Morocco.  It is not expensive and we recommend Maroc Telecom service provider.  You can do this right as you land at the airport.  You also have the option to rent a phone upon your arrival at the airport and drop it when you finish your Morocco trip. Share with friends and family your adventure tour in Morocco.  

Your comfortable casual clothes are what we recommend.  Moroccans are generally more European oriented than any North African country.  Cotton and linen mostly throughout the year, but in winter a windbreaker or a raincoat is advised.  Dress as you please but be decent. Please do not forget to pack sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. these are highly recommended. Contact our office in Canada or Morocco for your upcoming tour.  we will give you some tips on the best way to travel in Morocco. 

No need for that.  Cash Cards and Credit Cards are widely accepted everywhere in Morocco.  ATM machines are wherever you go.  another Bonus ATMs give you up to $500 daily at best and accurate exchange rates.  Shopping in Morocco is a delight, so most of stores and restaurants accept major credit cards. However, in open souks, small workshops, flee market, have some cash with you. Contact us for more information to enjoy your adventure tour in Morocco.

In general, Yes water is safe to drink in Morocco, but take your time, you need at least three days to acclimate so your system can accept different water without disturbance.  Filtered water and bottled safe water are available throughout Morocco. As a dry climate, we advise you to keep yourself hydrated especially while hiking and trekking activities in the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara desert.  Call us for more information on best way to travel in Morocco, with a small group tour or self-guided trip. we can customize any tour itinerary for you and keep you healthy to enjoy your Morocco experience.