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Hand picked Morocco Tours 2020

If travel is a return to the essential then Morocco Discoveries Network is founded on these principals of green and sustainable tourism. For us taking an adventure tour to Morocco with us is not just getting away from the hectic life. It is, in fact, a self-growth, a change of views on the world we share, an encounter with cultures that give us new perspectives and broaden our horizons. Adventure Travel, in general, can teach us a lot about ourselves and how we live our lives. How beautiful our planet is, how diverse we are, in the meantime with so much in common and a lot to share.

All of our 2020 hand-picked adventure treks and cultural tours are what Morocco Discoveries Network strives to provide in a frame of natural eco-tours and green travel to travelers from around the globe. Our 2019 adventure Morocco tours cover unique and rarely explored paths in the Atlas Mountains peaks and valleys, and the Sahara Desert ocean of dunes and lush oases. You will enjoy exploring breathtaking landscapes and vistas with best native Moroccan guides in a small group of enthusiast trekking travelers like yourself.

2019 offers you an array of walking, hiking, and active adventure tours to Morocco at ease and at every level to suit the interest and budget of all sorts of travelers seeking to discover the best trips to Morocco. A destination which is a gift from nature with a rainbow of raucous colors and enlightening ancient cultures. Explore with best guides totally escorted Morocco small group tours. Discover the history of Morocco imperial cities like Tangier, Chefchaouen, Fez, Marrakech, Essaouira, ancient with mythical aura and lively with their exciting vibrant daily life, each has an enticing Medina or kasbahs and souks replete with a spectrum of colors and aromas to spice your life at any given time of the year. These select active tours to Morocco, hiking, trekking or simply walking will be so rewarding to treasure for a lifetime. We will certainly keep it a discovery for you. Join us in any of year-round Morocco tours in the spirit to discover an exotic, enticing and welcoming destination. You will certainly recommend our Morocco trips to your friends and family. Also, all of our 2020 and 2021 Morocco tours are subject to be tailored to satisfy your travel time frame and budget.

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Our Special Trips in Morocco

Hiking trips in Morocco at all levels in small groups with most experienced Mountain guides. You will be discovering unknown trails to most hikers, exploring the best vistas and landscapes of our 2020 Morocco tour packages.

Fez Medina

Guided Tour of Fez Medina

Morocco Tours & Discoveries offers Monumental and panoramic Fez tours with handpicked knowledgeable licensed guides who will show you the best of Fez exploring the deep layers of Moroccan culture in general and Fez in particular. Fez is the heartbeat of Moroccan history and culture not to speak of fine arts and crafts, so having a good guide is very rewarding. Book your Fez city Tour with us, your satisfaction is guaranteed. This walking tour of Fez can be with a group or a private tour to suit your requirement. Best guide services and activities that would meet your budget. Fez guided tour covers most of highlighted monuments museums, traditional guilds, art, and crafts galleries with best guides well versed and fluent in the language of your choice. You will explore Fez like an insider with activities of your choice. The highlight of this walking tour is to be invited for a mint-tea ceremony with a Moroccan family in the Medina. Other Tour activities in Fez can be on demand like a Hammam Spa, henna tattooing, cooking class, etc... Best prices are guaranteed, you can check with any other tour planners with Morocco small group touring. This Tour is available every day for 2019 and 2020.

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Authentic Moroccan Cuisine

Best Cooking Class in Fez

Come and join us for an authentic traditional Moroccan cooking experience. This opportunity is a pleasant encounter not only to learn to cook but an opportunity to interact with the locals and to be hosted by a nice Moroccan family, where you will experience true Moroccan culture and Moroccan family daily life like an insider. Offer yourself an activity to immerse yourself one of the best culinary in the world. Enjoy a traditional Moroccan cooking experience! Your most welcomed participation not only to learn how to cook a Moroccan staple but also an opportunity to interact with the locals and be hosted by a nice Moroccan family outside of tourism skims. You will be introduced to a real lively Moroccan family in their home to experience the reality of genuine hospitality and get to share unforgettable moments in an atmospheric Moroccan dwelling.

You will be introduced to a member of the family at the lobby of your hotel or Inn who will take you to the farmers market to buy the grocery the necessary ingredients to cook your dish of choice. Through the neighboring open medieval market, you will discover the art of purchasing groceries and spices at most atmospheric fashion, bargaining skills, and Moroccan humor also the secrets of medicinal herbs and spices Moroccan cuisine is famous for. Cooking in Morocco is an art and a healthy way to live daily. You will also learn the art of interacting with merchants and the skills of bargaining. Then like a Moroccan you will pick up the goods in your straw basket and head home with your host to discover the Moroccan interior and the skills of cooking in a Moroccan kitchen. Today you can choose what interests as tagine staples, or a dish based on couscous, prepare a Moroccan salad or bake bread, Mlaoui pancakes, ("harcha") or pastries. Everything under the guidance of your master chef home lady. Back at the house, at first you will learn about your ingredients, traditional Moroccan dishes, and their preparation. And finally, you will start cooking with the help of the friendly chef. After the cooking, there will be time to sit back, relax and enjoy your delicious, home-cooked meal while having a chat with your new local friends. The tour finishes when your guide drops you off to your hotel. It is going to be one of the highlights of your cultural experience in Morocco.

Morocco Discoveries Network offers these sustainable activities in Fez on a daily basis to help visitors who wish to discover the hidden layers of Moroccan culture of all webs of society in this ancient city of Fez, which is the heartbeat of Morocco history, culture, and intellect. Fez is known for its refined culinary and sophisticated people. Having a cooking class in Fez can be very rewarding for the savvy traveler and the cultured explorer like yourself. We offer these tours and activities in and out of Fez with the aim to preserve the culture with all the norms of responsible travel. By participating in any of our cultural and active programs, you will directly contribute to the well being of our community at the same benefit from the authenticity of your encounter. Keep in mind that this cooking class is a discovery you will treasure for the rest of your life.

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Healing Hot Springs of Moulay Yacoub

Day trip to Moulay Yacoub Thermal Hot Springs

Spirituality, Health, Well Being, and Beauty, that is what Moulay Yacoub is all about. Our day excursion to these thermal hot springs that serves Moroccan and pilgrims from around the world since the dawn of time can be so rewarding for the cultured, health-oriented and even holistic travelers and globe trotters.

To Moroccans, this legendary place has always being a part of rituals and beliefs that dominate early societies who believe in the power of nature and the power of natural healing. These hot springs of Moulay Yacoub have always attracted, still today, people who suffer from Rheumatism, muscle aches and skin disorder, and arthrosis. A legendary story was woven through the centuries of use that Moulay Yacoub, a Sufi Master, a king, a commander of the Faithful or as we simply call it in our colloquial Moroccan a man of Baraka,( Virtual blessing). A place we visit, a place we believe in its natural power of healing. The legend narration has woven different tales through the centuries about the purpose of these Sulphuric Natural Spring adding to it a virtual blessing to make out of this place a healing pilgrimage or at least a relief recreational place for visitors from all webs of society. Moulay Yacoub Baraka was passed to his daughter Lalla Shafia or simply “the Healer” who took over the opposite hill to Moulay Yacoub and established on it a sanctuary for those who can reach her tomb at the top of the steep hill to healed from all diseases. Through the centuries, she earned more recognition than even her father Moulay Yacoub, especially among women.

In this mountain village, we still find the traditional baths that serve the pilgrims forever, the records show its existence in rivalry with Roman Hot Baths 300 BC. It is also a modern spa that has been established with Vichy Thermalia care treatments, E.N.T conditions, and articular pathology. Moulay Yacoub Spa facilities also feature sporting areas (cardio-training room, giant thermal pool, etc.) and equipment aimed at relaxation like saunas and hammams).

The modern and refined architecture of this Spa facilities set the focus on providing a serene atmosphere. The building tones with the unspoiled landscapes of Moulay Yacoub, making the Spa (Moulay Yacoub - Morocco) a unique place for at least a day getaway from Fez and other Morocco destinations.

Morocco Tours and Discoveries offer this day excursion from Fez daily as an excursion gateway for those who like to retreat to a special historic yet state of the art healing Spa. Our short day trip from Fez can be an experience to treasure for a lifetime especially for those who like to explore ancient history, healing spots, holistic and care awareness, or simply enjoy a thermal spa and the best hot springs you may think of. Join us on a Full Day Excursion to Moulay Yacoub from Fez. You will love it. This Day excursion is affordable, authentic, original and available daily with Sarah Discoveries and Tours.

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